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Amour Genève – Blue Wine – 91 Points

Updated: May 20, 2021

One of my FAVORITE things about wine is how versatile it can be! 💙 So much so, I finally tasted *Blueeeee wine* this weekend. 🌈⁣ ⁣ 🍇 Grape: Verdejo, Nebbiolo⁣ 🇮🇹 Origin: Spain, Italy ⁣ ••••••••••⁣ At first I was a little hesitant, like HOW good could it actually be?! Would it taste like mouthwash or maybe a blue jolly rancher? 🍬(although that could be interesting 🤔 haha)⁣ ⁣ ↠ To my surprise, the @amourgeneve tasted similar to a white wine, with a fruit-forward citrus nose. The palate? White peach and a little tartness to spark you up! 🍑 This wine is lower in alcohol at 11.5% and is best served chilled.⚡️⁣

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Wine Rating: 91 points

*Any wines rated 90 points or more, I recommend. Wines rated 89 points or below means it’s an acceptable wine, but I wouldn’t spend your money on it.*

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