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Bare White Wine – 90 Points

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Can-do mentality with @eliqs’s white wine! #CannedWine season is just around the corner with Spring coming up & warmer weather! I love drinking canned wine not only when I’m on-the-go, but when I’m in the mood to have only a glass or two instead of an 750mL bottle.

  1. Varietal: white blend

  2. Alcohol percentage: 14.2%

  3. Appellation: California

  4. Sweetness: dry

  5. Aromas and flavors: jasmine flowers, fresh yellow peach, and a lil fizzy.

  6. Conclusion: good wine

  7. Price: $39.92 for an 8 pack from the ELIQS website: here.

Conclusion: I love the size of these cans (187ml -which is just between 1-2 glasses) and how dry the wine tasted yet had a touch of sweetness to it, balanced by a little fizziness throughout the palatte. The label is also so cute!

Wine Rating: 90 points

*Any wines rated 90 points or more, I recommend. Wines rated 89 points or below means it’s an acceptable wine, but I wouldn’t spend your money on it.*


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