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Champagne and Holiday Pies Pairing

The holidays are always a special time of the year. As we approach the end of the year with friends and family gathered around the dinner table enjoying each other's presence (and perhaps avoiding others) there's nothing better than eating delicious desserts like holiday pies and pairing it with the best sips: Champagne Taittinger! See more photos of this holiday spread below.

This post was sponsored by Taittinger. All opinions stated are my own.

Before we get into the pie pairings, let's not forget one of my favorite parts of holiday gatherings: happy hour or "apéritif hour". What is an apéritif? It's a French word meaning a beverage that is enjoyed before your entree to stimulate the appetite. There's something blissful about sipping a delicious glass of champagne while catching up with relatives and old friends before dinnertime.

Champagne Taittinger's bubbles are crisp and refreshing, so much so this wine is best enjoyed on its own and would be a great companion to your next holiday celebration.


Since 1794, Taittinger is one of the few remaining family-owned and operated Champagne houses, and one of Champagne's largest producers. It's perfect for celebrations and special occasions, but also those everyday celebrations. Now let's get into these pie parings! Read below for my review.


Fruit pie, pecan pie, and lemon tarts! Do you ever like to take a few bites into a fruit pie after indulging in your main dishes? I like to think of it as a palate cleanser and Champagne Taittinger is really one of the best wines to pair it with because digestifs such as Champagne and other sparkling wines clear out the throat and help eliminate any feeling of heaviness associated with a meal. That's why it's always a great idea to pop out the bubbly or at least one of the many reasons.

My favorite Champagne and pie pairing was the lemon tart. The lemon-y zest flavors paired with Taittinger's fresh fruit and honey flavors went together extremely well and elevated the tasting experience. If you're not a big fan of tart desserts, the fruit pie also paired nicely offering a balanced mouthfeel. For pecan pie lovers out there, you will notice how the aromas of the wine (peach, white flowers and vanilla) come out and its honey flavors make it enjoyable with each bite.

Have you tasted Champagne Taittinger before? Which is your favorite pie for the holidays?

Thanks for coming by my wine blog where I give you tips for the best sips and a blissful life.


- Jackie Roldan, @blisssbebe

WSET II Certified

Napa Valley Wine Blogger


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