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FRNK Cabernet Sauvignon - 91 Points

How many of us have said this before? ⁣ The "You're On My To-do List" Cabernet Sauvignon by @drnkfrnk spoke to me as soon as I laid eyes on it ⁣ This wine is in fact perfect for every occasion, approachable on the palate (medium-bodied), ruby in color with rich fruit flavors and a hint of black/white pepper on the finish. ⁣ For $20, this wine is a great buy and let's be honest, that label is so cute and fun!

You can purchase it here:

Wine Rating: 91 Points

*Any wines rated 90 points or more, I recommend. Wines rated 89 points or below means it’s an acceptable wine, but I wouldn’t spend your money on it.*


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