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M Vino Rosé - Rosé of Pinot Noir - 95 Points

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist - Pablo Picasso // 👨‍🎨⭐️⁣

Introducing today's wine review of the week: @mvinorose from the Bacigalupi Vineyard in Russian River Valley, created by Sommelier turned Vintner Meghan Vergara! @mvino1

Enjoyed this crisp, dry rosé with friends while at a BBQ over Memorial Day Weekend. What's special about this rosè is that it's made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes which is one of my favorite varietals when drinking rosè! 💕⁣

Purchase your M vino rose right here:

Conclusion: This wine tastes wonderful throughout the palate (start to finish) and has flavors of strawberry + melon!🍈 Make sure to add this to your list of rosés for summer! 😎🥂⁣

Wine Rating: 95 points

*Any wines rated 90 points or more, I recommend. Wines rated 89 points or below means it’s an acceptable wine, but I wouldn’t spend your money on it.*


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