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Mateus Rose – 93 Points

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

She is curvy and flirty! Check out my review and thoughts on this delicious rose on my YouTube channel: here. Read below for my tasting notes:

  1. Alcohol percentage: 12.5%

  2. Appellation: Portugal

  3. Nose: red berry fruits

  4. Sweetness: dry

  5. Flavors: raspberries and strawberries with good acidity throughout palate.

  6. Conclusion: good wine

  7. Price: $12.99

Conclusion: If you like a crisp berry forward rose, you’ll love and because the bottle is curvy and fun!

Wine Rating: 93 points

*Any wines rated 90 points or more, I recommend. Wines rated 89 points or below means it’s an acceptable wine, but I wouldn’t spend your money on it.*


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