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Perliss Estate Vineyards - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s been awhile since I've written a semi-lengthy post, however today’s the day because it's my FIRST FIVE STAR wine tasting experience and I can't wait to share WHY I rated this SO highly!

(Side note: looking forward to sharing more details in future blog posts because I miss writing)

First of all, this day was absolutely gorgeous weather-wise, especially while sippin' hillside in Calistoga under the shaded trees with a slight breeze in the air. Adriel and I both had the day off and decided to go winetasting with recommendations by our friends at Legacy Tours - (Thank you Marco for the fabulous rec! Definitely recommend for top notch wine-tasting experiences in the Napa Valley).


We began with a silky and fruity 2018 semillion and when I say this was tasty, this was mouthwatering TASTY. Notes of honey and beeswax with an elegant, smooth finish. 🍯

Here's where we get into the 5 STAR experience of the review:

We also tasted the: 2014 Ravens Cabernet Sauvignon (oak-aged) and Pearl of the Ravens (amphora-aged) Cabernet Sauvignon produced by well-known winemaker, Aaron Pott.

What is amphora-aged wine? It is wine aged in clay which has been around for a long time however is growing back in popularity in recent years. Clay can be thought of as a middle ground between steel and oak. In comparing the two wines at Perliss Estate, here's what I found:

The wines aren't as overpowering in terra coat than in French oak.

Meaning: you get more vibrant fruit in your palate! 🍒 Both were absolutely delicious and while the amphora-aged cab really stood out to me, the (French oak aged) Cabernet Sauvignon tasted like a staple Napa Valley C.S. wine: bold + luscious.

So, it's up to your palate, but I highly recommend tasting here for an intimate and top notch experience with wines coming from the beautiful Calistoga AVA location.

Price Point: visit their website and send an email for more information on pricing and availability. Feel free to let them know I sent you!

Location: Calistoga, CA.

Category: Hidden Gem – A winery off the beaten path and/or offering a unique (top notch) experience.

Winery Experience Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 stars (first ever, ahhh!)


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